Month: July 2017

Progressive Jackpots Explained

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that increase each time a player places a bet whether it be a slot or a table game.  These jackpots will increase until there is a winner.  Progressive jackpots are won when a player hits a winning set of symbols while playing online slots or a royal flush when playing Poker online.  Progressive jackpots vary in size and Canadian players can expect jackpots ranging from thousands to even millions of dollars.  Progressive jackpots come in different forms.  There are jackpots which are attached to single games or a casino and then there are jackpots that multiple casinos share.

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A Quick Look at Popular Slot Themes for Casino Players

Slots are extremely popular in both land based casinos as well as online casinos.  Slots are based purely on luck so no time needs to be spent on strategies or special gaming techniques.  They offer Canadian players great graphics, sound, animations and a host of different themes to choose from.

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