Month: May 2016

Top Poker Variation Omaha Hold ’em Online

Poker has for a long time now been a blockbuster in the casino gaming industry. Owing to the fact that the game features intense thrills and some serious strategy, players all around the world have found this card game to be up amongst the very best. Perhaps because of its popularity, or the fact that Read More

Playing a Non-Standard Poker Hand

So much is written, spoken and discussed regarding the game of poker. The game appears in countless films, books and on TV. Everyone has learnt to play some form of poker. This is all merely testament to the enjoyment, entertainment, and fun that the game has provided to so many people for so long. In Read More

Mambo Stud Poker for Players in Detail

Mambo Stud poker is a fresh poker variant that has been played since 1998. Mambo stud, as poker table game, is based on 7-card stud. The game is considered a combination between stud poker and a widow game. The game is played with a standard deck of cards. As many as 11 players can compete Read More

Introduction to Let It Ride Poker

Let it Ride is among the first of the wave of new casino games, which became incredibly popular in the late 90’s. Let it Ride is a very simple poker-based game where a player is paid based on how good a poker hand is made by the player’s three cards plus the dealer’s two cards. Read More

Kuhn Poker

The Kuhn Poker Variation Kuhn poker is a simplified form of poker developed by Harold W. Kuhn in 1950. The deck includes only three playing cards, for instance a King, a Queen and a Jack. There are two players, and each player gets dealt one card. The first player must bet or pass and then the second Read More

Overview of the Game of Irish Poker

Irish Poker provides plenty of action for players looking to expand their knowledge and can be mastered easily with experience and study. It is a variation of Texas Hold‘em and Omaha Poker. Each player starts with four hole cards, as if playing Omaha Poker. However, before the flop and after the betting round on the flop Read More

IRC Poker

The Story of IRC Poker IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC Poker was a form of poker played over the IRC chat protocol before the surge in popularity of online poker in the early 2000’s.  IRC Poker was purely text based for the first few years of its existence. Although all play on these Read More

Check out the Details about HOSE Poker Game

HOSE poker is similar and almost exactly the same as HORSE Poker. HOSE is a mixed variation game, but it does not include the Razz poker element. Also referred to occasionally in poker circles as SHOE Poker, this is a variant of poker that is in fact a combination of four well known forms of Read More


Exercise All Your Poker Skills with HORSE HORSE is a Poker format that is a popular alternative to Dealer’s Choice when Poker players want to try a variety of Poker games during one playing session. It can be played in home games, but it is also available at land-based casinos, and more recently at mobile Read More

An Introduction to Playing Guts Card Game

Guts is a card game, in several variations, that is often included among the options during a session of Dealer’s Choice Poker, although it isn’t strictly speaking a Poker game. This is because most versions of Guts use fewer than five cards, with the basic game using just two. However, the speed of play and Read More

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