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The Advanced Game of HOSE Poker  

HOSE poker is similar and almost exactly the same as HORSE Poker. HOSE is a mixed variation game, but it does not include the Razz poker element. Also referred to occasionally in poker circles as SHOE Poker, this is a variant of poker that is in fact a combination of four well known forms of poker, namely Texas Hold’em, Omaha Eight or Better, Seven Card Stud and 7 Card Eight or Better.

Strategy in the HOSE Poker Game 

Playing HOSE naturally requires that players become skilled in all the rules and strategies of all four games that make up this variant, and is this game is played mostly by professional players for high stakes. This form of poker is much harder to play and definitely not for beginners. HOSE poker needs players with an in-depth knowledge of all the constituent forms of the game in order to be successful and win. This eliminates players who are only skilled in one poker game. Industry analysts and true poker aficionados, however, consider those who go on to win a mixed poker game such as HOSE or HORSE the true masters of poker.

This form of poker is played mostly by professional players for high stakes and considered harder and not for beginners since it requires a great deal of concentration, so as not to confuse which game is being played and for players to be skilled at many different forms of poker to succeed and is mainly played at casino tables.

Variations of the HOSE Poker game

There are two different ways that this game is played. HOSE poker can either change by round or by time. In the form whereby the form of poker played changes by round, once the deck returns to the original dealer or a certain number of hands are played, the type of game changes to the following format in the sequence. The changes in HOSE poker can also be rung using the time system, and after a given period of time the format changes.

HOSE Poker Rules and Constituent Games

Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker played today, Omaha requires the use of community cards, Seven Card Stud uses cards dealt to each player, and Eight or Better is the version of Seven Card Stud where the high and the low hands split the pot at the end of the game.

The poker game of HOSE starts off with Limit Hold’em. This is then followed by Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven Card Stud and then Eight or Better. When the final round of Eight or Better is completed, the game reverts back to Limit Hold’em etc.  When the game is played online, the poker variation being played is easily visible at the top corner of the game window.

The Dealer button stops moving after the Omaha round. When it reverts back to Texas Hold’em, after Eight or Better no blinds are missed by players and they do not submit more than they should. The poker variations played in HOSE are played in fixed limit games. There is no pot-limit or no-limit poker in HOSE Limit.

HOSE poker is a good way to improve one’s poker skills. HOSE along with HORSE prove that it is possible to play more than one game at one poker table. However, in order to be successful at HOSE and HORSE players will need to practice all the variations individually before sitting at the mixed game tables.

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