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Asian Stud Poker Explained

One of the most famous games that is played all over the globe is Poker. Poker was said to have been introduced in 1829 with a deck of 20 cards and players betting on which was the most valuable hand.

Since then many variations of the game have surfaced with different rules and different pays, one of them being Asian Stud Poker.

Asian Stud Poker is a card game played with a standard deck of 52 cars and one Joker, where players have to separate the cards into two different hands and wins are determined based on a point system.

Asian Stud Poker Point System

The point system is exactly the same as the popular game Baccarat, where cards 1 through to 10 are counted at face value, Ace cards are counted as one point and Picture cards counted as 10 points.

The Game Begins

Asian Stud Poker begins with all players placing an ante wager according to the table limits. The dealer then deals players 5 cards face down and it is encouraged that players withhold from sharing information about their cards.

After examining cards, players will have to decide whether to raise or fold, however, if the player decides to raise they must place the same amount down as the original ante wager. As usual, if the player decides to fold they lose their original wager.

Players determine whether to raise or fold, depending on whether they can split their 5 cards into a three card hand and a two card hand and in doing so accumulate enough points to qualify.

How to Qualify in Asian Stud Poker

In order to qualify, players need to have a total of 10, 20 or 30 points in the three card hand. The two card hand will not matter if if players can’t form a qualifying three card hand and the only other chance to win would then be if the dealer were not to qualify.

If a player’s three card hand does qualify, then the focus moves on to the two card hand, as it ultimately determines who wins. If the dealer does not qualify then the players will win even money on their ante and their raise will push.

If the dealer does qualify, then the two cards are added up , however like Baccarat values are only counted for their terminal digit. This means that if the sum of your two cards comes to 17 points, then the value is 7, yet the highest hands are infact 10 or 20. If the dealer then has a 6 and a 3, his total points would be 9 and he wins the game.

If the player’s total points exceed the dealer’s, then the player wins and is awarded according to the difference in point values. Therefore, if the difference is between 1 and 3 then the payout is 1 is to 1, if it’s between 4 and 6 the payout is 2 is to 1 and if the difference is between 7 and 9 then the payout is 3 is to 1. The winnings are usually subject to a commission of 5%.

Asian Stud Poker Side Wager

The side wager in Asian Stud Poker is available for players to increase their winnings. It’s based on the traditional poker hands and allows players to be awarded for a winning hand in their combined five cards.

The Joker is considered partially Wild and it can be used to complete a Straight Flush, Flush or Straight, otherwise it is counted as an Ace.

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